How To Have An Even Better Time On An All-Day Food And Wine Tour

16 August 2023
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If you are someone who loves eating and drinking wine, then going on an all-day food and wine tour will likely feel like a dream come true. However, these tours do mean being on your feet for a long time, tasting a lot of different food, and being surrounded by delicious wine for hours on end. So, in order to have a most excellent time, it is often necessary to practice a touch of restraint and follow the tips below.

Go easy on the wine at your first few stops.

If you're really excited about the tour, it can be tempting to dig right into the wine at your first stop. But if you over-indulge right off the bat, you may feel a little too tipsy at your next few stops. Remember to take things slow. It is not at all inappropriate to spit out some of the wine you taste; that's why the wineries provide spit buckets! Sommeliers do it, and so can you. As the day rolls on, if you are feeling good, you can start enjoying a bit more wine.

Try new things.

When there is so much food in front of you, you may find yourself choosing things you're most familiar with and avoiding items you have not tried before. It can be human nature to stick with what's familiar. But remind yourself that this is a rare opportunity to expand your palate and try new things. If you don't like it, then nothing is lost. If you do like it, then you've found something new to order and enjoy.

Research the stops beforehand.

If your tour provider tells you where the tour will stop beforehand, spend a little time researching and learning about each of the stops. This way, you will be familiar with the information the guides share at each stop, and you can focus a little more on the food and tasting. As you read and research, you can also be thinking about questions that you want to ask the tour guide. Asking good and well-planned questions can make the tour even more educational — for you and for the other participants.

If you take it easy on the wine, remember to try new things, and do some research beforehand, you can have an even more amazing time on an all-day food and wine tour. This truly is a food and wine lover's dream come true. 

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