Secrets For Success With A Mobile Food Truck Business

28 November 2022
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Some food trucks open and close within a few months because they struggle for business. Others stay open for years on end, earning a decent profit. If you are about to start your own food truck business, then of course you want to fall into the second camp. But how do you make sure you do? What are the secrets to success with a mobile food truck business? Check out some top tips below.

Offer Unique Food

Chances are, there are already tens of places customers can visit for pizza, burgers, or fries in your city. Why compete with brick-and-mortar establishments for this business? You'll attract more customers if you set your food truck apart by offering unique food. Korean BBQ, Thai food, specialty macaroni and cheese, and ramen to-go are all creative options that will keep you from having to compete for a corner of the market. Do, however, make sure that the foods you choose can easily be made in your commissary kitchen and kept warm and tasty in the truck.

Park in the Same Places Again and Again

Don't get so caught up in going everywhere and selling everywhere that your customers never know where to find you. It will be really helpful for you to park in the same spots, again and again. Maybe there is a certain business park parking lot you always park in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or perhaps you always park on the same side street each Friday. Customers will come to find your truck again and again if they know where it will be. You want to become part of their routine — a part they seek out.

Create Processes for Service

Spend plenty of time analyzing how long certain tasks take and the most efficient way to do them. For instance, you might find that you save time by prepping two days' worth of ingredients at once instead of prepping every day. Teach these processes to your employees. It will save them time, which means you won't need to pay for as many labor hours. Labor is a big expense in the food truck industry, so you want to do all you can to minimize labor hours and hire only a few key employees.

With the tips above, you stand a greater chance of succeeding long-term in the food truck industry. Running a mobile food truck is not easy, but it's rewarding when done in a smart way.

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