5 Tips For A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner You Will Actually Enjoy

16 August 2022
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The wedding rehearsal dinner is more than just a meal for your wedding party. It's also a chance to relax and enjoy the pre-wedding period, show others how much you appreciate them, and explore things you can't include in the actual wedding. To help you craft a great rehearsal dinner, here are five important tips. 

1. Hire a Caterer. To save money, some couples opt for a DIY approach to their rehearsal dinner. They may also overlook it in the planning stages, making do with whatever meal is easiest to put together. However, the last thing you want to do on the eve of your wedding is manage another party. Save yourself the stress and hire someone to care for your guests. 

2. Mix It Up. The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to have some fun and surprise your guests. While some couples design a dinner event consistent with their wedding, others explore contrasting ideas. These could be serving foods you love but aren't serving at the wedding, decorating with a totally different theme, or having a different level of formality.

3. Keep It Simple. The timing of rehearsal dinners makes them challenging to plan and execute in light of everything else. So work to keep things simple. Look for a relatively simple dinner menu. Skip appetizers if possible. If you want a bar, limit the choices—such as only offering specifically planned cocktails or just beer and wine. And don't feel the need to entertain your guests with anything elaborate.

4. Personalize the Event. Instead of trying to impress your dinner guests, make the evening about them. Make toasts to vocalize your appreciation of their support. Tell stories. Invite others to speak. Welcome your out-of-town guests. Provide special take-home boxes—such as small confections—that won't be available to the general wedding attendees. These details will be more memorable than a fancy event. 

5. Have Fun. Whatever you choose to do—or not do—at the rehearsal, don't forget to enjoy it. Let off some steam, have fun with friends and family, and celebrate the start of the wedding weekend. Serve your favorite food. Order a funny groom's cake. Or surprise your parents with a tribute. This is your time, so don't lose sight of that fact.

Where to Start

Ready to get started planning a fun, manageable wedding rehearsal dinner? Start by meeting with a private event catering service in your area today. With their expertise and these few tips, you'll design the perfect dinner event to kick off your nuptials.