Advantages To Using A Sausage Linker Machine

5 March 2021
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When you first start making sausage, it's common to use a machine to stuff the casings, and then to follow up by linking the sausage by hand. This approach works, but once you start trying to make sausage on a larger scale, it tends to take way too long. At this point, you are best off buying a sausage linker machine that twists your links for you. And time savings are not the only benefit you'll experience from a linking machine! Here are some other advantages of using a linking machine rather than continuing to link by hand.

You won't get sore hands and wrists.

The continual, repeated motion of twisting sausages is hard on the wrists. You might be able to do this for an hour or two, but much more than that is going to leave you sore. In the long-term, if you're linking a lot of sausage by hand, you may be prone to problems like carpal tunnel. It's much safer and better to just use a linker machine and save your wrists the pain.

You'll have fewer ruptured links.

Even when you've been twisting sausages a while, there will be times when you roll one a little too tightly and rupture the casing. There may even be times when you realize you've stuffed a casing too tight, can't roll it, and need to re-stuff and link the whole mass. This is a waste of time, it's annoying, and having to repack the sausage can decrease the quality. Using an industrial linker greatly reduces the number of ruptured links you'll face. It will also do a better job of determining the exact tightness for packing so your links don't burst.

There's less potential for contamination.

When you're linking sausage by hand, you're touching meat for hours on end, and it's easy to get lax about sanitation. You could accidentally touch another food product and end up spreading foodborne illnesses. With an industrial linker, linking sausage is a much more hands-off process. After you fill and set up the machine, you can wash your hands and move on to other tasks. You don't have to touch the sausage again until it is all stuffed and linked.

While you can make sausage without a linker, once you start making more than the occasional batch, it really is worth investing in a linking machine. There are so many advantages, and once you get into the groove of using it, you'll really appreciate how easy it is. For more information, contact an industrial sausage linker manufacturer.