Teach Kids About Life Around The World With A Fun School Lunch Program

5 July 2016
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Do you sometimes worry that the children who attend your school have little sense of what life is like outside the US? One of the best ways to teach kids about other cultures is through food. Why not try theme meals once every week or two to introduce new foods? Serve food from these four countries, for example, and integrate lessons about cuisine with geography, language, and social studies. Japan Read More 

How To Field Dress A Deer

23 February 2016
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When deer hunting, it is necessary to field dress the deer carcass as soon as possible. Field dressing is removing the internal organs of the deer to rapidly cool the carcass and keep it free from bacteria. The process to field dress a deer is as follows: Tools and Supplies: Latex Gloves - You will need 2-3 pairs. Sharp Knifes - An 8" or 10" butcher knife and two smaller 6" Read More