3 Things To Consider When Buying Used Equipment For Your New Restaurant

17 March 2015
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As someone opening a new restaurant, it is natural that you are keen to save money on equipment and supplies. Used kitchen equipment can allow you to save while permitting you to have the commercial kitchen you need to open your restaurant and feed hungry patrons. However, it's important that you keep some things in mind so that you make smart choices about the pieces you buy. Here are four key things to consider when buying used equipment.

Choose Energy-Efficient Products

One thing to remember when buying used equipment is that if you buy pieces that are very old, they may not be as energy-efficient as newer pieces. Why is that important to you? You may think you're saving money by buying used equipment, but if that equipment is not energy-efficient, you may end up paying higher utility costs over time, To avoid this, look for ENERGY STAR appliances that are a few years old and have some energy-efficiency.

Remember Measurements

After all the work you do to make sure that the equipment you're buying will work well for your restaurant, it can be frustrating to discover that something doesn't fit in your commercial kitchen. That's why it's important to know the exact measurements of the entire kitchen and to be aware of whether the equipment you want to buy will fit in the space. Keep measurements in mind so that all the equipment you buy has enough space. Remember to leave adequate room for staff to walk around as well.

Know Where You Can Get Parts

Even if you buy excellent used restaurant equipment, sooner or later you will need to fix something or get replacement parts. Before you buy equipment, make sure that you have taken the time to locate dealers and suppliers for the equipment you're considering. Frymaster parts and equipment parts from other major brands, are generally easy to find, but be sure to locate a few dealers like K & D Factory Service Inc so that you can get parts you need quickly.

You may also wish to find out whether there is still any warranty left on the equipment. For example, if the equipment you're buying is only a year or so old, it may very well still be under some kind of limited warranty so that you can get parts easily.

When you use the information above, you'll find that you're better prepared to make smart decisions about used restaurant equipment. You can get the pieces you need, so that the kitchen in your new restaurant is fully equipped and ready to go.